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Distretto 2041°

Club fondato nel 1993

Presidente: Francesco Camagni

Segretario: Paolo Briglia
Email: segreteria@rotarymilanoduomo.it

Si invitano tutti i Soci a voler segnalare eventuali loro assenze o prenotazioni al
Prefetto: Giuseppe Castro
inviando una Email: prenotazioni@rotarymilanoduomo.it


Il Presidente del Rotary International

K.R. Ravindran wants to spend his term as Rotary’s president paying it forward. “One of the reasons I work so much for Rotary is that I have been helped by so many people, and often you never have a chance to reciprocate. The only way you can is by helping others.” Ravindran extends the ideals of Rotary into his packaging business. His employees benefit from company-matched grants for community projects with a focus on water and sanitation for area schools. “I can personally vouch for the ability of our organization to blend commerce with cause, friendship with service, and know firsthand that each of us is lifted even as we lift others.” Ravindran, a member of the Rotary Club of Colombo, Sri Lanka, is Rotary president in 2015-16.

Motto internazionale: “Be a gift to the World